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Under the Radar High School Players who Need your Attention when Games Resume Part 2

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Luke Edwards 6’2 180 Shooting Guard 2021-Strath Haven: Edwards is a pure scorer. He was one of the top scorers in the Central League and helped lead Strath Haven to the 5A state tournament. Edwards can score in a variety of ways which makes it tough to defend him. Has deep range on his jump shot where he can shoot from NBA range when he’s hot. Doesn’t need a lot of time or space to get his shot off. When defenders try to take away his shot he uses that against them as he has a quick first step that allows him to get to the rim and finish in crafty ways. Certainly one who all area D3s should be aware of but could have the opportunity to garner some D2 interest in the future if he can show he can play the point guard spot full time and balance his scoring ability with facilitating for his teammates to run an offense.

Mark Butler 5’10 160 Point Guard 2023-Penn Charter: Only just a freshman this season but looks like someone who will be among the top players in the Inter-AC sooner rather than later. Penn Charter was a very young team this year and as a result took their lumps in the always tough Inter-AC but Butler was no question a bright spot. Butler is a true point guard who has an innate ability to make others around him better with his playmaking skills. He showed with Penn Charter he can really score the ball as well in different ways whether that’s with his three point shot or floater which he loves to use as well. Defensively he uses his small stature to his advantage as he can get under defenders to get easy steals. One who surely seems to be headed to play D1 when he graduates with the level being ultimately determined by how he grows physically.

Griffin Barrouk 6’4 185 Shooting Guard 2021-West Chester Rustin: Has very good size for a shooting guard at 6’4. Has one of the purest shooting strokes that you will see in the Philly area. His mechanics are spot on and he needs very little time and space to get his shot off. He can shoot threes from easily beyond the line with no problem. Is also just as effective shooting the three coming off of a screen. Is much more than just a shooter as he has an in between game with his floater and uses his size to finish at the rim. Defensively he knows his rotations well and is a quality rebounder. A league like the NE-10 would fit him great as he’s a very good D2 prospect who is a high achiever in the classroom as well.

Tre Diguglielmo 6’4 190 Small Forward 2021-Boyertown: Another guy on this list who can really shoot the ball. Diguglielmo has very good form on his shot and has used that to show he’s a very consistent shooter from beyond the arc. Is also a guy who does the dirty work inside with no problem. He loves to use his physicality to get proper position on rebounds and he did a great job of this as he averaged about 8 rebounds per game this season. Has some good instincts as a cutter and knowing when to backdoor cut which helps him to get easy layups. Needs to improve on becoming more of a creator off the bounce with his ball handling to provide more opportunities for himself and his teammates. Would be a great fit for a D3 program in the MAC or Atlantic East conference.

Chris Evans 6’3 190 Shooting Guard 2021-Neumann Goretti: Similar to Blaise Vespe who we talked about last week, Evans was more of a role player for arguably the best team in the state this year but looks primed to be one of the top players in the PCL next year. Evans has to be considered one of the best shooters in the city as he has a lightning quick release that makes it almost impossible for defenders to block his shot which he makes at a high rate. His ability to shoot so well helped space the floor, which allowed the seniors on the team like Jordan Hall (St Joes), Hakim Byrd (Marist), and Cam Young (Bowling Green) to get to the rim with ease because Evans’ defender would need to stay at home on him. Will need to show he can do more off the bounce next year and act as more of a secondary ball handler but he will certainly have that chance as his role will increase. Should be a PSAC priority with the potential to play his way up to low D1 territory in leagues like the NEC or MEAC if he successfully transitions into his increased role at NG.

Mike Dedda 5’9 160 Point Guard 2021-West Chester East: Played a very key role for the District 1 5A Champions West Chester East. The first thing that stands out when watching Dedda play is his defensive ability. He loves playing defense and uses his speed and short stature to get under defenders to either lead them to traps or by getting a steal for his team. On offense he really helped make life easier for Andrew Carr (Delaware) and Tymir Richardson (West Chester) by proving to defenses you can’t leave him open with his ability to shoot as well as using his strong playmaking ability to get those two players and others on East easy buckets. Is truly a coach on the floor who always makes sure everyone is in the right spot. Area D3s need to be in touch with Dedda in this next year as despite his size he’s shown time and time again he’s a winner and has the heart and toughness that helps him outplay players bigger than him.

Nix Varano 6’1 175 Shooting Guard 2022-LaSalle College High School: Played a key role for LaSalle this year as only a sophomore showing he was one of the better shooters in the PCL. He has textbook form on his shot which doesn’t need a lot of time to get off. He showed he can shoot just as effectively both off the catch and off screens this year. Very smart player as well as he doesn’t force any of his shots or try to do things that aren’t within the offense. His role for LaSalle this year was primarily as a shooter but as he gets older will have to show he can handle the ball more to create both for himself and others as well as getting stronger and more athletic so he’s not a liability on defense. Look for D3s who really prioritize spacing the floor with shooting to be interested in him in the coming years.

James Ashford 6’1 175 Shooting Guard 2021-Bensalem: Ashford was the leading scorer for the Suburban One National champions Bensalem. Is a complete scorer as he’s very hard to keep in front of in the half court because of his extremely quick first step which allows him to get to the rim with ease and he needs very little space to get his three-ball off. Will certainly be interesting to see what he does for an encore next season as Bensalem will bring back another very strong team that should be favorites again in their league and also have the potential to go farther in states. A player who D2s, and specifically PSAC schools, should have a very close eye on this next year.

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