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Under the Radar 2022 Players to Watch this AAU Season from New Jersey

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

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Dante Weise 6’1 Point Guard (Allentown HS): Weise is a pure point guard who is adept at creating open shots for teammates. Shows good vision finding teammates on crosscourt passes for open three-pointers or drop-offs in the lane when opponents help on him. Also does a nice job hitting teammates in stride for high-percentage layups in transition. Averaged seven assists per game this past high school season. Weise commands respect from opponents for his scoring ability as well. Has a smooth mid-range pull-up in his arsenal, along with being able to hit an open trey if an opponent sags off of him. Weise is active with his hands on the defensive end, doing a good job of ripping opponents if they are weak with their handle. Also makes a commendable effort on the glass for his position, showing nice intuition by constantly being around the ball when it comes off the rim. Averaged six rebounds per game this past high school season.

Nate Williams 6’4 Shooting Guard (St. John Vianney HS): Williams is a slasher who has a variety of creative finishes around the basket in his arsenal. Finishes effectively using euro steps and finger roll lay-ups with both hands.. Also has a nice touch on his floaters when he cannot get all the way to the rim. While Williams does not make three-pointers at a high volume, he has shown the ability to make open shots from beyond the arc if left open. With his good form, high free throw percentage, and soft touch in the mid range, the indicators are there that he could take his three-point shooting to the next level with adequate practice reps. Defensively, Williams does a nice job jumping into passing lanes when opponents telegraph their passes. Averaged 3.2 steals per game this past high school season. Also makes a concerted effort to challenge opponents’ shots from beyond the arc with his size and length, forcing them into lower percentage attempts.

Andrew Stack 6’2 Shooting Guard (Madison HS): Stack is a sniper from beyond the arc, draining 45 three-pointers in only 15 games this past high school season. Has very good form and a quick release, with range out to the NBA line when he is feeling it. Makes treys just as effectively coming off screens as he does when spotting up. Also moves well without the ball, cutting hard to the basket for high percentage layups when opponents overplay him. Stack has shown to be more than a shooter though, having a smooth mid-range pull up and floater in the mid-range when opponents close out hard on him from beyond the arc.

Tommy Conniff 6’10 Center (Oratory Prep): Conniff is a big man who is a reliable finisher around the basket. Scores effectively on high percentage layups when getting deep post position, in addition to drop-offs in the lane from a teammate. Is also a threat to score on ball screens, rolling to the bucket for easy points. Defensively, Conniff shows great effort when boxing out opponents to rebound the ball at a high rate. Averaged 10 rebounds per game this past high school season. Also does a nice job using his size and standing reach to force opponents into lower percentage shots at the rim.

Jaden Carter 5’11 Point Guard (Scotch Plains HS): Carter is a floor general who does a nice job balancing displays a nice balance of scoring and facilitating for others. Plays well out of ball screens, finding teammates for high percentage layups when rolling to the basket. Also does a nice job finding teammates running the floor hard in transition or cutting to the basket for easy layups. Carter has a nice high arching floater in his arsenal, making it very difficult for big men to block when he drives down the lane. Makes floaters just as effectively both with or without using the glass. Also stretches the floor at a solid rate from beyond the arc, both off the bounce when using ball screens and spotting up. Carter is a competitive defender who gives good effort on this end. He is quick laterally, limiting opposing point guards from getting dribble penetration on him. Also shows good instincts, knowing the right time to go for the steal and when to hold his position.

Darren Tuck 6’4 Shooting Guard (Immaculata HS): Tuck is a relentless penetrator to the basket who puts constant pressure on a defense. Uses his quick first step to blow by opponents and finish efficiently at the rim with his soft touch high off the glass. Tuck also finishes well through contact, leading to and-1 opportunities for himself. While Tuck’s bread and butter is his driving game, he has shown flashes of being able to hit three-pointers both off the catch and bounce. Defensively, he does a nice job using his size and leaping ability to make it difficult for opponents to shoot over the top of him. Also has the ability to guard multiple positions with his length and lateral quickness.

Mark Woolhouse 6’9 Power Forward (Pennington School): Woolhouse is a modern day stretch four. Has a smooth stroke from beyond the arc, hitting three-pointers at a good rate when spotting up and off pick and pops. Is very effective flashing to the middle for foul line jumpers as well. While he prefers playing primarily on the outside, he also has shown flashes when posting up using a nice turnaround jumper. Woolhouse is also an underrated athlete who can finish above the rim in transition with one hand slams. Defensively, he has very good instincts both when he is the primary defender or coming over from the help side to block and contest opponents’ shots at the rim. Woolhouse also makes a solid impact on the glass, using his size and leaping ability to corral tough rebounds coming off the rim.

Matt Leming 6’3 Shooting Guard (Haddonfield HS): Leming is another sharpshooter on this list. Has a clean stroke with no wasted motion, helping him make 45 three-pointers in fifteen games this past high school season. Does a nice job of letting the game come to him, rarely taking bad shots. Makes treys just as effectively off of screens as he does when spotting up. Also effectively cuts to the basket coming off a screen or going backdoor when an opponent overplays him. Defensively, Leming is consistently in the correct spots on his rotations when one pass away or coming over from the help side. He is also not afraid to put his body on the line for charges when an opponent drives recklessly down the lane.

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