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New England Early AAU Season 2024 Eyecatchers Part One

Harry Stanwood 6’0 Combo Guard (Rise Above Basketball/Marianapolis Prep): Stanwood has a smooth mid-range pull-up. Gets to it well using a rip-through move in isolation situations or when coming off dribble hand-offs from teammates. He can space the floor from long range. Makes three-pointers at a solid rate when spotting up. Also shows flashes of making treys on pull-up attempts. Stanwood has good vision as a passer. Gets into the lane regularly with his sharp through the legs move. When opponents collapse on him in the paint, he finds teammates for high percentage drop-off layup opportunities. Stanwood also does a nice job hitting cutting teammates for finishes at the rim.

Anthony DeThomas 5’11 Point Guard (BCRI/St. Andrew’s School): DeThomas gets into the paint consistently to create for himself and others using a deceptive change of pace. Finds teammates for high percentage layups from drop-offs or open three-pointers on drive and kicks. He scores well around the rim against bigger defenders. DeThomas has creative finger-roll or reverse finishes with either hand in his layup package. Also does a nice job using up-fakes to get opponents up in the air and give himself better scoring angles around the basket. DeThomas is a consistent threat from beyond the arc. Makes treys at solid rate on standstill attempts when the ball is swung to him on the perimeter.

Brady Martin 6’2 Wing (Mass Elite/Billerica Memorial HS): Martin is a solid shooter from deep. The southpaw makes treys off movement or when spotting up. When opponents close out hard on him to take away his shot, he can put the ball on the floor and get to the basket. Finishes effectively around the rim with his soft touch high off the glass and comfort scoring through contact. Martin creates high percentage layup opportunities for himself with his ability to move without the ball. Makes quick weak-side cuts to the basket when he catches an opponent not playing with their head on a swivel. Also has good instincts on when to slip ball screens.

Ryder Frost 6’5 Wing (Middlesex Magic/Beverly HS): Frost is an impressive floor spacer from long-range. Needs very little time and space to get his shot off. Makes three-pointers at a very good rate off movement or on standstill attempts. He can take opponents off the dribble and get to his soft pull-up or turnaround jumper in the mid-range. Frost creates high percentage finishing opportunities at the rim for himself with his off-ball movement. Regularly gets easy layups from face-cuts and give-and-go's. He makes his presence felt on the defensive glass. Rebounds at an impressive rate for his position, Uses his high motor to consistently come up with 50-50 balls, and strong frame to get good position. Frost also makes it difficult for opponents to rise over him with his leaping ability and length.

Jeremiah Jenkins 6’0 Point Guard (Expressions Elite/Brewster Academy): Jenkins is a very good playmaker. Consistently gets lane penetration with his quick first step and sharp crossover move. Finds teammates for layups on dump-offs or open treys on kick-outs. When opponents take away his passing lanes, he has a soft tear-drop in the paint. Also has solid vision in transition. Rewards teammates running the floor hard with precise push-ahead or lob passes for high percentage finishes around the rim. Jenkins needs to be accounted for from long range. Makes three-pointers at a good rate on spot-up attempts. Defenders cannot go under ball screens against him as he is comfortable making treys when pulling up. Defensively, Jenkins has the lateral quickness to effectively guard opposing point guards tightly on the ball. Generates steals well, using active hands to rip the ball away from opponents when they are not strong with their handle.

Baris Fortier 6’5 Power Forward (New England Storm/Newmarket HS): Fortier is a skilled scorer on the block. Has a soft jump-hook with his right hand when backing opponents down. He can take defenders off the dribble when attacking closeouts and get to his smooth floater in the lane. Creates high percentage second chance layup opportunities for himself with his aggressiveness on the offensive glass. Fortier also shows flashes of hitting spot-up treys when left open. Defensively, he consistently gets advantageous position on opponents when boxing out to rebound at a terrific rate. Has good mobility rotating over from the help side to alter opponents’ attempts near the rim.

Andy Weeman 6’3 Combo Forward (ASA Select/Westwood HS): Weeman can stretch the floor from deep. The southpaw makes three-pointers at a solid rate when popping out from the mid-post. He creates high-percentage layup opportunities by constantly being in the dunker spot at the right times for dump-offs from teammates. Weeman has good instincts for catching opponents off guard with quick cuts from the perimeter. Shows flashes of being able to put the ball on the floor when attacking closeouts for physical finishes around the rim. Defensively, he draws charges well. Weeman rotates quickly from the weak side, beating opponents to the spot when they drive recklessly down the lane.

David Melson 6’4 Wing (DTX Basketball/Fairfield Warde HS): Melson is a terrific shooter from beyond the arc. Has a quick release and can get hot in a hurry. Makes treys on standstill attempts or when coming off screens. Shows in spurts the ability to hit three-pointers when pulling up. If a defender closes out hard on him from the perimeter, he has the ball skills to get into the paint and score with a smooth floater. Melson does a nice job letting the game come to him and playing within the flow of his team’s offense. Rarely takes ill-advised attempts. Defensively, he is sound on his rotations. Consistently is in the correct spots when one pass away or coming over from the help side.

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