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Jersey Force The Scrimmages Vol. 5 Report

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Joe Carroll 6’7 Power Forward (Jersey Force Elite/Don Bosco Prep): Carroll stood out in Jersey Force Elite’s win over Pure Basketball with his outstanding play on the glass. He finished with 10 rebounds in the game making a concerted effort to get proper position on his opponent. Three of his rebounds were on the offensive end as he showed good instincts being in the right spots at the right times when the ball came off the hoop. He also made an impact scoring the ball as he had eight points in the contest. Had a nice cut to the hoop for an easy layup when his defender collapsed on his teammate. Showed good touch in the paint when he caught the ball on the block and scored on a baby hook with his right hand. In transition when his teammate threw him a lab, he finished it above the rim for a layup. D2 schools in a league like the NE-10 should be tracking Carroll.

Donovan Crawford 6’5 Power Forward (Pure Basketball/North Brunswick HS): Crawford put constant pressure on Jersey Force Elite in Pure Basketball’s loss. He took advantage of smaller players on him to get to the rim from the wing on a number of occasions. In the first half, he had a strong drive from the right wing to finish a layup. Crawford used his power on a drive from the right wing in the second half to convert an and-1. In transition, he used a jump-stop move to get his opponent to fly by him going for a block which allowed him to score. Had another nice play in transition using a step-through move to draw a shooting foul. Finished with 12 points in the game. D3 schools in a league like the CSAC should be following Crawford. Could get schools in a league like the NJAC to show more interest if he can get in better shape to be able to play at a high level for longer periods of time, in addition to being able to guard more athletic players at his position.

Javontae Jones 6’1 Combo Guard (Covenant College Prep): Jones showcased his smooth scoring ability in Covenant College Prep’s win over NJ Bulldogs. Forced the defense to respect him from long range when he drained a spot-up trey in the first half. This paid dividends later in the game as in the second half he got fouled on a three-pointer. Had a nice drive from the right wing where he drew a shooting foul going for a floater where he converted the free throw. Jones had another good play getting ahead of the defense in the first half to score an easy layup in transition. Finished the game with 10 points. Got his teammate involved throwing an on point bounce pass to the big man trailing for a layup in the first half. D3 schools in a league like the NJAC should be getting involved with Jones. Could get D2 schools in a league like the CACC to show more interest if he can prove he can be a full time point guard by improving his ability to run a team and get others involved.

Ruben Reyes 6’1 Point Guard (NJ Bulldogs/Colonia HS): Reyes ran the show for NJ Bulldogs in their loss to Covenant Prep. He did a very good job of balancing looking for his own shot and getting his teammates involved. Reyes had two smooth left hand finishes in transition that gave his team momentum. Also had a spot-up three-pointer late from the right wing. Finished the game with nine points. He used his good vision to find his teammates for open shots. Early in the game in the halfcourt, he threw a pinpoint lob over his teammate’s defender which was converted into an and-1. Had another nice play where he got into the lane and found his teammate with a drop-off pass which was finished with a two hand slam also for an and-1. Had three assists in the contest. Defensively, he moves his feet well laterally which made it difficult for his opponents to get by him. Also showed a knack for being around the ball, as multiple times when his teammates forced a deflection the ball ended up in his hands. D3 schools in a league like the CSAC should be keeping an eye on Reyes. Could get a league like the NJAC to show more interest if he can make a smooth transition to taking on a bigger role with Colonia this coming season while helping them continue the team success they had last year.

Jasigha Barnes 6’2 Combo Guard (NY Select/Baldwin HS): Barnes played well in NY Select’s win over Hudson Evolution. Showed an ability to play both on and off the ball. Barnes had 16 points in the contest. He did a nice job of knowing the right times to push the pace. Barnes had a nice coast to coast layup when he got a rebound in addition to another play where he pushed the ball off an inbounds pass to get an and-1. Had a strong drive from the right wing for another and-1 in the second half. Showed his ability to move without the ball when he took advantage of his defender falling asleep in the first half for a layup on a backdoor. Also will take advantage if the defense leaves him open from deep as he hit a smooth spot up three-pointer from the right wing to stretch the floor for his team in the first half. Made the right read showing good vision in the first half when he drove from the right wing finding his teammate for a layup when the defense collapsed on him in the lane. Could have had two-three more assists where he set teammates up nicely but the shots just weren’t converted. Defensively, he rebounded the ball very well using his strong body to get advantageous position on his opponents. Had five rebounds in the contest. Also showed good instincts understanding when to go for steals. In the first half, he was in good help position which allowed him to pluck the ball away from his opponent. Had another steal off an inbounds pass intercepting the pass from his opponent. D3 schools in a league like the SUNYAC should be keeping an eye on Barnes this year. Could get D2 schools in a league like the ECC to show more interest if he can improve his ability to run an offense while being more of a vocal leader to lead a team at the point guard spot full time.

Jordan Stafford 6’2 Combo Guard (Jersey Force Select/St. Joe’s Hammonton): Stafford was outstanding in Jersey Force Select’s win over Prestige Patriots. He led Jersey Force Select with 20 points. Stafford scored in a variety of ways. Early in the game he had a nice cut using a spin move for the score with his opponent going for the steal. Had another nice play where he drove from the left wing to score with a floater when he realized he couldn’t get all the way to the rim. The floater worked well for him in this one as he scored on another one in the second half on a cut. Showed a quick first step when he got by his defender on a straight line to finish above the rim for a layup. Showed impressive quickness when off a rebound he took it coast to coast for a layup. Defensively, he does a very good job of keeping opponents out of the lane with his lateral quickness in addition to contesting shots with his leaping ability. Stafford also made an impact on the glass finishing the contest with five rebounds. He showed a knack for being in the right spots at the right times when the ball came off the glass as three of his five rebounds were on the offensive end. Stafford is an outstanding student in the classroom who would fit very well in a D3 league like the Centennial. Could get D2 schools in a league like the CACC to show more interest if he can develop as a three-point shooter and make them at a higher volume to be able to space the floor for his team.

Luke Albrecht 6’1 Point Guard (Jersey Force Select/Middletown South): Albrecht did a commendable job of balancing scoring with facilitating during Jersey Force Select’s win over NY Select. Showed a reliable stroke from three-point range making two treys in the contest. He has good form on his shot with quick release. Both of his treys were on spot-ups with the first one being from the left corner and the second one from the right corner. Had a nice play off the bounce where he got into the lane and used a spin move to draw a shooting foul. He finished with nine points in the win. Albrecht is a player who is always keeping his head up looking for others. He had an assist to a teammate in the right corner early in the game on a drive and kick. Showed off his accuracy with a pin point pass on a pick and roll to a teammate using a bounce pass. Albrecht had three assists in the game. Defensively, while not the most athletic, he can consistently be counted on for giving great effort being in a low stance and moving his feet. He was sharp on his rotations and does a good job of not taking unnecessary risks to put his team in harm's way. A very good student who D3s in a league like the Centennial should be getting involved with.

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