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Hoop Group Spring Jam Fest Report Part Two

Braxton Jones 6’0 Combo Guard 2022 (Jersey Force-HGSL/Roselle Catholic HS): Jones is a reliable floor-spacing threat. He makes three-pointers at a solid rate when spotting up. If a defender closes out hard on him from the perimeter, he can put the ball on the floor and get to his soft mid-range pull-up. Jones is a good transition playmaker. Finds teammates with hit-ahead passes for high percentage layups or open treys. Defensively, he has the lateral quickness to effectively pick up opposing point guards full-court.

Jadon Burgess 6’3 Shooting Guard 2023 (VA Premier/Harrisonburg HS): Burgess is an impressive shooter from beyond the arc who can get hot in a hurry. The southpaw has a high release point, making it difficult for opponents to contest his shot. He hits treys on the move or when spotting up. Also shows in spurts the ability to hit pull-up threes. Burgess complements his long-range shooting ability nicely with a smooth pull-up or floater in the lane. He is a good defensive rebounder for his position. Does a nice job anticipating where the ball will come off the rim.

Isaiah Sullivan 6’7 Combo Forward 2022 (Connecticut Elite-HGSL/NDWH Prep): Sullivan gets to the rim and finishes proficiently with his good burst, long strides, and explosiveness. Also creates lane penetration with an array of creative through the legs or start and stop moves. Moves well without the ball. Understands the right times when to cut to the basket, generating high percentage finishing opportunities for himself. While his forte is driving to the hoop, he is a capable shooter from three-point range on open standstill attempts. Defensively, Sullivan has the size, length, and lateral quickness to effectively guard the 2-4 positions.

Jack Seidler 6’5 Wing 2022 (Team Final 2022/Marlboro HS): Seidler is a very good three-point shooter. He has compact form on his shot with deep range. Makes treys on pull-ups or standstill attempts. Attacks closeouts well to get to this soft mid-range pull-up in the paint. If Seidler catches the ball in the mid-post, he can rise over defenders with a smooth turnaround jumper. Also shows some creativity flashes, getting by opponents with a quick crossover move. Defensively, he is not afraid to do the dirty work on the glass. Rebounds at a solid rate, averaging just under six boards per game this past high school season.

Julio Goodridge 6’3 Combo Guard 2023 (HBSA/Virginia Prep Sports Academy): Goodridge spaces the floor consistently from deep. Makes three-pointers on standstill attempts. Also shows flashes of hitting treys when pulling up. He gets to the rim effectively when attacking closeouts or using a good change of pace on his ball-handling moves. Goodridge is a solid finisher around the rim using an array of finger-roll or inside-hand layups. Can make plays for others as well. When defenders collapse on him in the lane, he generally makes the right reads finding an open teammate. Defensively, Goodridge moves his feet well from side to side. Makes it difficult for opposing guards to get dribble penetration against him.

Donovan Bass 6’0 Point Guard 2023 (NOVA Cavs/West Potomac HS): Bass needs to be accounted for from beyond the arc. He makes three-pointers at a solid rate off the dribble or when spotting up. Can also play off the ball with his ability to hit treys on the move. Bass creates lane penetration well with his shifty crossover or subtle hesitation moves. When opponents collapse on him in the paint, he has a soft teardrop as part of his mid-range game. Excels as a transition playmaker. Rewards teammates that run the floor hard with precise push-ahead passes for high percentage layup opportunities. Defensively, Bass draws charges at a good rate. He rotates quickly from the weak side and beats opponents to the spot when they drive recklessly down the lane.

Vinnie Cugini 6’2 Shooting Guard 2023 (Mason Elite/Aquinas Academy): Cugini is an impressive long-distance shooter. He needs very little time and space to get his attempts off. Makes three-pointers on standstill attempts or off the dribble with his pull-up. Cugini gets into the paint effectively with a sharp inside-out crossover move. When bigger opponents collapse on him, he has a smooth floater as part of his in-between game. Also moves well without the ball. Makes quick cuts to the basket for high percentage layups when opponents crowd his space on the perimeter.

Ryan Zan 6’7 Power Forward 2022 (East Coast Cyclones/Rutgers Prep): Zan uses his soft touch and drop-step or jump-hook moves to be a reliable scorer around the basket. He has the ball skills and strength to attack closeouts for layups through contact. Zan showed more comfort with his three-ball, making standstill attempts at a higher volume. Also has the ball-handling ability to initiate a fast break after pulling down a defensive rebound. He makes his presence felt on the defensive glass. Uses his intense desire for the ball to rebound at a terrific rate. Zan creates steals well for his position. Constantly has his hands around the ball in passing lanes.

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