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High School Standouts 2021 Season: Report #2

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

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Zack Skrocki 5’11 Point Guard 2021 (Spring-ford Area HS): Skrocki was very effective from the mid-range for Spring-ford in their win against Owen J. Roberts. Finished the game with 15 points. Had a nice play in the second half, using a fadeaway to create space on his defender to hit a 12 footer. Also nailed a pair of jumpers from eight feet away on the same out of bounds play coming off a screen from the elbow. Skrocki drew a shooting foul when he pulled up from the foul line in the first half as well. While getting to his spots in the mid-range was his priority, he has the ability to make three-pointers too. Hit a smooth spot up trey from the right wing early in the game. Does a good job of also making sure to get his teammates involved. Had a nice drive and kick in the first half to hit a teammate for a mid-range jumper, in addition finding another teammate for a transition three from the left wing in the second half. Skrocki had three assists in the contest.

Isaac Harris 6’3 Combo Guard 2022 (Northampton Area HS): Harris provided a spark for Northampton after their slow start to help defeat Liberty. Showed his smooth stroke from beyond the arc hitting three treys in the contest. On his first make from deep, Harris took advantage when his defender gave him too much space from the top of the key to get a shot off. Had another make from the top of the key as well, getting a handoff from his teammate to drain a one dribble trey from NBA range. Harris complemented his shooting ability well by also getting to the rim consistently. Had a strong drive from the right wing for an and-1 in addition to another nice take from the top of the key using a hop step to draw a shooting foul on the defense. Finished with 23 points in the game. Also showed his unselfishness making the correct plays when opponents collapsed on him in the lane. Found a teammate for an open three-pointer from the left wing on a drive and kick as well as hitting another teammate with an important drop-off late in the game for an easy layup. Harris was effective in Northampton’s zone defense. He was constantly in motion to get into the correct spot on his rotations to either challenge an opponent’s shot or be in help position. Had two steals in the contest as well. Showed good instincts jumping into the passing lane when an opponent threw a lazy pass. Harris also made a clutch play tipping Liberty’s inbounds pass late in the game with his team up three to corral the ball and give Northampton possession.

Nate Rivera 5’10 Shooting Guard 2023 (Liberty HS): Rivera had a red hot hand from long range in Liberty’s loss to Northampton. Has very good form with a quick release, needing little time and space to get his shot off. Had eight three-pointers in the game finishing with 24 points. Rivera did a solid job of letting the game come to him and not forcing up bad shots. On his first trey, he moved to the open spot on the right wing with Northampton playing in a zone. Four of his other makes from deep were on spot up attempts where he waited for the precise moment off good ball movement to let it fly within Liberty’s offense. Showcased his ability to shoot off the dribble on makes from the top of the key and right wing as well. While Rivera’s shooting stroke is impressive, he will need to work on his ball handling to be able to create off the dribble for himself and teammates which will also allow him to play on the ball more often.

Jaden Colzie 6’0 Point Guard 2024 (Plymouth-Whitemarsh HS): Colzie is an intriguing floor general who is starting for traditional District One power PW as a freshman. He picked up his first D1 offer from North Texas last week. Scored 16 points in PW’s win against Abington showing his ability to stretch the floor with three three-pointers in the contest. Colzie stepped right into a trey from the right wing that hit the bottom of the net in the first half. Also had a nice make from deep, moving to the right wing to give his teammate a better passing angle when he got cut off on the baseline. When Abington started to creep closer to PW’s lead late in the game, Colzie drained a transition three-pointer from the left corner. While he had his share of mistakes with the amount of responsibility placed on him for a freshman, his long term trajectory looks bright with his poise and feel for the game that allow him to be a standout even against players multiple years older than him. Colzie made an impact on the defensive end as well. He is quick laterally making it difficult for opposing point guards to get by him. Caused Abington to call a timeout when he played tight on ball defense and was about to force a five second call. Also had a pair of steals in the game. In the first half, he showed good instincts coming from the help side when his teammate got beat to cause the opponent to lose the ball. Colzie had another nice steal late in the game, taking advantage of a bad pass from an opponent to take it the other way for an easy layup.

Rob Bell 6’1 Point Guard (Abington HS): Bell was very effective scoring the ball both slashing to the rim in the halfcourt and getting high percentage buckets in transition during Abington’s loss to PW. Had 23 points in the contest. Had a strong finish at the rim on a drive from the top of the key in the first half, as well as another play later in the game from the top of the key where he scored on a finger roll with his right hand. Bell also had a pair of nice transition plays where he used his shiftiness on the break to score a right hand layup in addition to finishing through contact for an and-1 in the second half. He was active on the defensive end as well, finishing with three steals. Bell showed quickness with his hands, plucking the ball away from an opponent when they were weak with their handle to take it the other way for an easy layup. Also forced another steal late in the game putting full court pressure on an opponent bringing the ball up, leading to another easy bucket. Bell provided leadership on this end as well, doing his best communicating with teammates to make sure they were in the proper defensive positions that their coach wanted them to be in.

Matt Shuler 5’11 Combo Guard 2022 (Strath Haven HS): Shuler provided energy for Strath Haven on both ends of the floor in their win over Garnet Valley. Has a strong body, to go with a quick first step which allowed him to get to the rim at a very good rate. Had a pair of straight line drives for layups from the right wing and top of the key. Also showed some creativity with his handle when penetrating to the rim, using a nice behind the back spin move to score an and-1 in the second half. When opponents cut him off from getting all the way to the rim, he was able to use his mid-range package to finish. Shuler scored on a soft floater when driving from the left wing in the first half in addition to a two dribble pull-up from the foul line in the second half. Had 17 points in the game. He is also a solid playmaker who has a good vision. Found a teammate off dribble penetration for a trey from the right wing, as well as hitting a cutting teammate late in the game for an important and-1. Shuler used his athleticism both vertically and horizontally on the defensive end to make Garnet Valley’s point guard have to work very hard to get shots off. Also hit the glass very well where he has a knack for finding the ball when it comes off the rim. Finished the contest with six rebounds.

Justin Langan 6’3 Combo Forward (Garnet Valley HS): Langan had it going from long range in Garnet Valley’s loss to Strath Haven with five three-pointers. Played the trailer role nicely, hitting a pair of treys from the top of the key when the defense forgot about him. Also showed the ability to make threes on the move, coming off a screen from the block to score on the wing, in addition to draining a three from the top of the key coming off a double screen. Langan made some plays off the dribble as well. Had a nice floater when he drove from the left corner in the first half, as well as finishing creatively with his left hand on a drive from the top of the key in the second half. Had 23 points in the contest. Defensively, Langan did a good job using his size to box out opponents for rebounds. Also showed nice intuition with two steals in the contest. Langan came from behind in transition to take the ball away from an opponent when they did not realize he was there, in addition to jumping into the passing lane when an opponent was lazy with their pass.

Liam Joyce 6’5 Power Forward (Allentown Central Catholic): Joyce played a strong game in the paint during Allentown Central Catholic’s win against Dieruff. Has a nice drop-step move that he used to score on both blocks. Finishes well with either hand on his layups. Joyce took advantage by scoring an easy layup when an opponent went to unsuccessfully steal a post entry feed to him. Also showed good instincts immediately following up his own miss in the second half to tip it in for a score. Joyce finished with 14 points in the game. He was very effective protecting the rim on the defensive end, having a pair of blocks when opponents tried to score at the rim against him. Joyce did a commendable job of keeping his hands up straight throughout the game when contesting opponents’ shots at the basket to avoid picking up cheap fouls. Also rebounded the ball at a good rate with his sturdy frame, limiting Dieruff from getting second chance opportunities. Had seven rebounds in the contest.

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