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Empire Invitational Report

* Any college coach seeking additional information on any of the uncommitted players, including projected collegiate level, may make an inquiry at

Kyle Filipowski 6’10 Power Forward 2022 (Wilbraham & Monson Academy): Filipowski has impressive ball skills for his size. He has the ability to push the ball on the break after securing a rebound, along with getting by opponents in the halfcourt with a quick crossover. Uses good body control and soft touch with either hand to finish effectively around the rim. Filipowski is a solid playmaker in the pick and roll. He finds teammates well rolling to the hoop for high percentage layups. Is also aggressive on the offensive glass, creating second chance layup opportunities for himself at a good rate. Defensively, Filipowski does a nice job making quick movements from the help side to block or alter opponents’ shots around the basket. Also shows solid instincts being around the ball when it comes off the rim on the defensive glass to corral important rebounds. He is signed to Duke.

Matthew Filipowski 6’11 Center 2022 (Wilbraham & Monson Academy): Filipowski is a reliable scorer around the hoop with his crafty shot-fakes and comfort finishing left-handed reverse layups. He does a nice job working hard to get deep post position on opponents. Also creates high percentage scoring opportunities for himself rolling sharply to the bucket out of ball screens. While Filipowski’s bread and butter is in the paint, he can hit an occasional standstill three-pointer when left open. Also uses his well built frame effectively when boxing out opponents on the defensive glass to rebound at a good rate. He is committed to Harvard.

Dereck Lively 7’1 Center 2022 (Westtown School): Lively is a floor spacer from beyond the arc, making three-pointers productively when spotting up. He uses his terrific length and leaping ability to be a consistent threat finishing drop-offs from teammates around the hoop. Also scores high percentage buckets at the rim using his fluidity to beat opposing big men down the floor in transition. Defensively, Lively is an outstanding rim protector. He uses very good instincts and mobility when coming over from the help side, along with a 7’8 wingspan to block opponents’ shots around the hoop at an elite rate. Also makes a nice effort to clean up on the defensive glass and limit opponents from getting second chance layup opportunities. He is signed to Duke.

Seyphon Triplett 6’1 Combo Guard 2023 (Westtown School): Triplett gets to the basket consistently with his quick first step and creative ball handling moves. He finishes proficiently around the rim with a soft touch off the glass on finger-roll layups. Does a nice job getting to the free throw line by having a knack for creating contact when driving to the hoop. Triplett is a good shooter at the charity stripe. He is also a solid playmaker, finding teammates effectively for open three-pointers on drive and kicks. Defensively, Triplett moves his feet well laterally. He limits opposing guards from getting past him with straight line drives when guarding on the ball.

Otega Oweh 6’6 Wing 2022 (Blair Academy): Oweh is a terrific defender. He uses his excellent length and leaping ability to make it difficult for opponents to rise up over him. Has the size and lateral quickness to effectively guard the 1-3 positions at the next level. Offensively, Oweh has a nice pull-up and floater in the mid-range. He also scores proficiently around the basket through contact with his strong frame. Creates layups for himself with quick cuts to the hoop as well. Oweh excels in transition. He runs the floor hard on the break and uses his explosiveness for high percentage finishes at the rim. Oweh is signed to Oklahoma.

Carnegie Johnson 6’0 Point Guard 2023 (Blair Academy): Johnson needs to be accounted for from long-range. He has good form on his shot, making three-pointers at a solid rate when spotting up. Has the ability to attack closeouts and finish at the rim with nifty finger-rolls. Also creates high percentage layup opportunities for himself with sharp backdoor cuts to the hoop. Johnson makes people better with his playmaking as well. He finds others effectively for open three-pointers on kickouts or finishes around the rim from pin-point passes to cutting teammates. Defensively, Johnson shows good toughness with his willingness to dive on the floor for loose balls.

Mark Armstrong 6’2 Combo Guard 2022 (St. Peter’s Prep): Armstrong gets into the paint effectively with his good burst and shifty crossover move. He shows nice patience and craft to score around the basket with his jump-stop or up and under move when there is not an immediate angle to get a shot off. Also makes an emphasis to seek out contact when penetrating to hoop, leading to him getting to the charity stripe at a solid rate where he is a reliable shooter. Armstrong can stretch the floor from deep as well, making standstill treys proficiently. He makes his presence felt in transition, using his quickness when pushing the ball and explosiveness for above the rim finishes. Also is a good playmaker, finding cutting teammates with precise passes for high percentage layups. He is signed to Villanova.

Jackson Tindall 6’7 Power Forward 2023 (St. Peter’s Prep): Tindall is an efficient finisher around the rim with his ability to convert on reverse layups, along with having comfort scoring through contact. He is consistently in good areas near the hoop for teammates to get him the ball for cutting layups or drop-offs. While finishing around the basket is his forte, he has shown flashes of hitting three-pointers on the move. Tindall is solid on the defensive glass, doing a nice job using his high motor to rebound at a solid rate.

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