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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Nathan Legg 6’4 Small Forward (McLean HS): Legg can space the floor from three-point range where he is very good when spotting up. He has a quick first step taking opponents off the dribble from both the perimeter and free throw line to finish effectively at the rim with either hand. Also has the ability to post-up opponents on the block using nifty footwork and a soft touch to score at a good rate. Defensively, he does a good job of timing when to go for blocks on opponents, limiting him from picking up cheap fouls. Is also a solid rebounder for his position who has even more potential in this area as he gains strength. D3 schools in leagues like the CAC and ODAC should be tracking Legg.

Cephas Wilson-Bahun 6’6 Power Forward (St. John Paul the Great HS): Wilson-Bahun is an athletic forward who makes an outstanding impact on the defensive end. When opponents get ahead in transition, he is a consistent threat to come from behind for a pin down block. Also does a good job in the halfcourt using his leaping ability to corral tough rebounds off the glass. Has the ability to guard both forward spots with his length and quick feet. Offensively, he has a smooth mid-range jumper when flashing to the free throw line. Also finishes around the basket efficiently, putting himself in good positions for easy buckets when his defender helps a teammate in the lane. Wilson-Bahun does a good job of running his lanes hard in transition for his team. On a number of occasions this past high school season, during a fast break he finished strong with two hand dunks. D3 schools in leagues like the CAC and ODAC should be following Wilson-Bahun.

Jiaan Sehhat 6’2 Wing (Langley HS): What stands out immediately when watching Sehhat play is his ability to shoot the ball. He has a very quick release, making three-pointers effectively both off the dribble and when spotting up. He keeps defenders honest by also being able to get to the rim and finish creatively. Sehhat moves efficiently without the ball, cutting to the basket for high percentage shots when opponents are overplaying him on defense. Defensively, he does a good job of creating steals by jumping into passing lanes if a lazy pass is thrown near him. Also shows understanding with his rotations by consistently being in the right spots when being one pass away or helping a teammate when they get beat off the dribble. D3 schools in leagues like the MAC and ODAC should be keeping an eye on Sehhat.

Logan Spafford 6’4 Wing (James Madison HS): Spafford is a player who thrives in the mid-range with his pull-up and turnaround jumper. Also has the ability to put the ball on the floor and make tough finishes at the rim efficiently with both hands. Has a soft touch off the backboard on his layups and turnaround jumpers. Spafford is a willing passer who has no problem passing up a good shot to give it to a teammate for a better one. Defensively, he works hard in the paint to get proper position on opponents when going for rebounds. Also uses his instincts and length to pick off errant passes from opponents, where he in many cases takes it the other way to create an easy bucket for his team. Underrated athlete who does a good job of coming from the help side to block or alter opponents shots. D3 schools in leagues like the CAC and ODAC should be following Spafford.

Jack Clark 6’3 Shooting Guard (Tuscarora HS): Clark makes it difficult for opponents to defend him with his outstanding shooting ability. He has very good form on his shot with a quick release. Makes three-pointers just as comfortably off the dribble and off screens as when he spots up. Complements his shooting ability with a nice two dribble pull-up and floater that he makes at a good rate in the mid-range. Defensively, while not the most athletic, he has solid fundamentals consistently staying in a low defensive stance and not taking unnecessary risks to put his team at a disadvantage. He also understands the times when it is better to be more aggressive. When opponents are careless with the ball around Clark he will make them pay by jumping into the passing lane for a steal. An outstanding student in the classroom who D3s in leagues like the NEWMAC and UAA should be looking at.

Andrew Heiden 6’4 Shooting Guard (Marshall HS): Heiden is another floor spacer from this group. Is a consistent shooter from long range who needs very little time and space to get his shot off. Also has a quick first step to get by opponents and finish smoothly at the rim. Does a good job of keeping his head to find teammates cutting to the hoop for easy layups. Defensively, he uses his size and length to make it difficult for opponents to shoot over the top of him, forcing them into a lower percentage shot. Also moves his feet well when playing on the ball defense, limiting opponents from getting dribble penetration on him. Heiden is a great student in the classroom who D3s in leagues like the NEWMAC and UAA should be keeping an eye on.

James Jasper 5’9 Point Guard (John Champe HS): Jasper is a true point guard who makes his teammates better. He loves to get into the lane, forcing opponents to collapse on him to create open shots for his teammates. Is very good at finding his teammates beyond the arc on drive and kicks. Good ball handler who keeps his turnovers at a minimum. The southpaw has a lethal mid-range pull-up, making help defenders give him extra attention in that area of the floor which opens up his drive and kick game even more. While the three-pointer isn’t one of his first options in his scoring arsenal, he has still shown he can’t be left open from beyond the arc particularly when spotting up. Jasper is a pesky defender who uses his size to his advantage getting under opponents when they are loose with their handle to force steals. Also is a very good help side defender constantly being in the right spot when a teammate gets beat to not allow an opponent to have an easy drive to the hoop. D3 schools in leagues like the Atlantic East and MAC should be tracking Jasper.

Jalen Jasper 5’9 Point Guard (John Champe HS): James’ twin brother Jalen forms the second half of the backcourt for John Champe. While James is the more natural playmaker, the three-pointer is a more integral part of Jalen’s game. Jasper has compact form on his shot, keeping his elbow in which allows the ball to come off his hands smoothly with good rotation. Makes three-pointers at a solid rate both off the dribble and when spotting up. While three-point shooting is his forte, he is also a good passer. Jasper does a good job of finding his teammates for open three-pointers on drive and kicks and easy layups in transition getting the ball ahead of the defense. Defensively, just like his brother, he makes a positive impact with his size by getting under opponents when they are weak with the ball to pluck it away for a steal. Jasper is also quick laterally and can make it difficult for opposing point guards to get into their offense when he plays tight defense. D3 schools in leagues like the Atlantic East and MAC should be checking out Jasper.

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