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2020 17u AAU Season Previews: York Ballers (PA)

York Ballers (PA)

Headlining this squad is recent stock riser Ileri Ayo-Faleye who is a 6’8 small forward that played this past high school season at Cedar Crest HS and will be prepping at Putnam Science Academy (CT) in the fall. What stands out right away when watching play is his excellent positional size and athleticism. He uses his impressive ball handling to get to the rim where he finishes efficiently with creative layups and dunks. Also has a nice mid-range pull-up which he gets off with ease. He hasn’t needed to use his three-pointer a lot at the high school level so far because he has been physically and athletically superior to his competition. However, he has proven that he is adept at making catch and shoot threes. Ayo-Faleye is also a very good playmaker who finds open teammates for three-pointers and layups cutting to the rim when opponents pay him too much attention. Effective as a playmaker in transition as well with the ability to throw long distance passes with precision to teammates for easy layups. Defensively, he uses his quickness on his rotations along with his leaping ability to consistently block opponents’ shots when coming over from the help side. Uses his high IQ and length to jump into passing lanes for steals, averaging more than 2 steals per game this past high school season. A quality rebounder because of his size and athleticism and will only get better in this area if he can improve on getting position. A very good student who has a wide range of scholarship offers from the Ivy League all the way up to the A-10. Could begin to get high major schools to show more interest if he can prove to be a standout playing the highest level of prep school competition at PSA in addition to showing he can make three-pointers at a higher volume.

Adding grit and toughness for this squad is 6’6 power forward Aidan Hughley from York Suburban HS. Hughley has a nice touch when he flashes to the mid-range for foul line jumpers. Quality finisher at the rim scoring off drives from the mid-post using his quickness to take opposing big men off the dribble in addition to finishing well on drop-offs from his teammates. Gets in the right spots for offensive rebounds which result in second chance points for his team. Defensively, he makes his presence felt with his ability to rebound and alter shots. Seeks out contact when boxing out opponents to get favorable position on the glass to rebound at a high rate. Does an admirable job of keeping his hands up straight to make opponents’ shots more difficult and to stay out of foul trouble. A very good student who D3s in a league like the Centennial should be taking a hard look at. Has the potential to play his way into getting D2 looks from leagues like the NE-10 or PSAC if he can improve his ball handling to become more of a creator from the wing in addition to becoming a legitimate threat from three-point range.

Adding swiss army knife capabilities to this squad is 6’3 wing Jadon Green from Dallastown HS. Green is a player who fills up the stat sheet in a variety of ways. Offensively, he’s a great athlete who can play above the rim for dunks off alley-oops, or can drive to the rim in certain situations. He uses his quick first step and athleticism to finish at a high rate when driving to the hoop. While he is a low volume three-point shooter, he has shown he can convert at a decent rate from that range. Also is a very good playmaker who averaged 4 assists per game this past high school season, finding his teammates spotting up for three-pointers and at the rim for layups when opponents collapse on him. Defensively, he makes a significant impact with his ability to block shots and corral rebounds. Uses his leaping ability to swat away opponents shots coming from the help side when they think they have an easy layup. Has a good understanding of timing his jump before he goes for a block. Is a high level rebounder who uses his athleticism and basketball IQ to end up with the ball off the glass. Great student who should be a D3 priority in a league like the Centennial. Could play his way into getting D2 schools in the NE-10 and PSAC to show more interest if he can take his three-point shooting ability to the next level by expanding his range and quickening up his release to become a higher volume scorer.

Bringing three-level scoring ability to this squad is 6’3 wing Kai Cipalla from Warwick HS. Cipalla is a consistent three-point shooter where he shot near 40% particularly shining on spot ups. Gets to his spots in the mid-range for his pull-up time and time again off of shot fakes. Is a strong driver to the rim where he has a soft touch on his layups and can finish through contact. Defensively, he is regularly in the correct spots on his rotations. Also a great rebounder for his size who uses his understanding of position and wanting the ball more than his opponents to rebound at a high rate. He averaged 7 rebounds per game this past high school season. A player who would be a good fit in D3 leagues like the Centennial and Landmark.

6’2 shooting guard Cole Fisher from Lancaster Mennonite brings this squad consistent scoring ability. He’s a player who can make three-pointers spotting up and the move, score in the mid-range with a pull-up and floater, as well as finish at the hoop with good body control. Much more than just a scorer, as he always gives great effort on the defensive end. Does a good job of limiting opponents from getting into the lane with his lateral quickness. High IQ defender who can be counted on to be in the right spots on his rotations in addition to knowing the proper times to jump into passing lanes for steals. Averaged over 3 steals per game this past high school season. A player who also excels in the classroom and, as a result, D3 schools in a league like the Centennial should be watching him closely.

6’1 combo guard Jayden Weishaar from Littlestown HS is a player who can really space the floor with his three-point shooting ability. Made 62 threes this past high school season. Has very good form on his shot with a quick release. Can make three-pointers effectively spotting up, on the move, or off the dribble. Complements his shooting ability with a quick first step that he uses to get to the rim where he’s a strong finisher. Also has solid playmaking ability, finding teammates spotting up for three-pointers off of dribble penetration in addition to hitting the roll man on screens. Defensively, he makes opponents pay when they’re lazy with their passes by intercepting the ball and using his speed to finish on the other end. Also understands when it’s better to be less aggressive and just play defense straight up. A player who would be a very good fit in D3 leagues like the Landmark and MAC.

6’2 Alon Gorham is a point guard from York Suburban HS who is adept at making his teammates better because of his excellent vision. Gorham does a very good job finding teammates off of dribble penetration spotting up for three-pointers, and in transition for easy layups when they’re ahead of opponents. Makes smart decisions with his passes which limits turnovers. While scoring is not his strength, he has shown flashes in this area, making spot-up three-pointers and finishing at the rim on both sides. Makes an impact defensively by creating steals by calculating the right moments to jump into passing lanes or rip opponents when they’re careless with their dribble. Gorham also makes it difficult for opponents to get by him because of his lateral quickness. A player who D3 schools in the Atlantic East and CSAC should be following this upcoming year. Could get schools in the Landmark and MAC to show more interest if he can make a leap as a shot maker to force defenses to respect his scoring ability more.

6’0 point guard Nolan Hubbs from Central York HS is a pesky defender who always gives great effort on that end. Hubbs loves to play tight defense on opposing point guards to limit their space and make them uncomfortable. Hubbs is able to steal the ball from opponents and go the other way for easy layups and his tenacity helps to disrupt the opposing team’s offensive flow. Offensively, he can make spot-up threes to space the floor and finish at the rim with a soft touch off the backboard. Is also a solid playmaker who is willing to make the extra pass to get the best shot possible for his team. A player who D3s in a league like the NEAC should be checking out. Could get schools in the Atlantic East and CSAC to show more interest if he can become more of a scoring threat in an offense.

Adding size to this squad is 6’8 stretch four John Fenwick from South Western HS. Fenwick has very good form on his three-pointer. He can make threes both from spotting up and off of pick and pops. Is also effective when posting up where he likes to use drop steps and hook shots that he can make with either hand. Defensively, he has a good understanding of how to use his body by getting position when boxing out to rebound at a high rate. He recognizes the moments when all he has to do is keep his hands straight up to alter an opponent’s shot instead of going for a block, which helps him avoid picking up cheap fouls. D3 schools in the Atlantic East and CSAC should be tracking Fenwick this upcoming year. Has the potential to get Centennial schools to show stronger interest if he can improve his body and his conditioning and be able to play at a higher level for longer periods.

5’11 point guard Kai’ryn Brown from Central York is a player who thrives off using his good vision to create open shots for teammates. He does this particularly well when hitting teammates for layups off cuts. Has also shown the ability to hit spot up three-pointers consistently. Defensively, he loves to wreak havoc on opponents, giving them limited space with his tight on ball defense to get steals and deflections. Is also willing to put his body on the line to take charges. A player who D3 schools in the NEAC should be checking out this next year. Could get Atlantic East and CSAC schools to show interest if he can take a leap this coming season at Central York and show he can be a more significant contributor to his team’s success.

Coming off a high school season where he averaged over 23 points per game is 5’8 point guard Carter Day from Kennard-Dale HS. Day is an outstanding shooter from three-point range who can make them both spotting up and off the bounce. Uses his good ball handling to get into the paint to finish with crafty layups off the backboard to score against taller players in addition to finding his teammates for three-pointers. He’s not the most physically gifted player but does his best to overcome that on defense with his effort and basketball IQ. He consistently has a hand up to make an opponent's shot more difficult and is in the right spots on his rotations. D3s in the NEAC should be following his progress this coming year. Atlantic East and CSAC schools could get involved if he can continue to put up gaudy numbers while leading his team to more wins.

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